Artist Bio

Juan Navarro is an artist, videographer, and photographer from Riverside, California. He has gained a large following behind his brand Luvmonsterz on the social media app, Periscope. Juan started his Periscope career in July of 2015 by drawing custom Luvmonsterz live. Utilizing his unique street style he captivated viewers and began sharing a message of love and acceptance.

Juan's message behind his work motivates Navarro to keep going. It's a message for everyone, that despite our weaknesses and our past mistakes, we are capable of giving love and receiving of love. Juan encourages his fans to spread love, positivity, and acceptance. He believes that everyone can make a difference, especially through creating.

The Luvmonsterz message expands beyond the brand. Navarro has broadcasted as an advocate to other causes including the cure for MS, heart disease and suicide prevention. Juan did a Periscope series in which he created a piece of artwork called, "Love Prevails", that was later donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Chicago which was auctioned to raise hundreds of dollars. 

During 2016, Juan was invited to multiple global events, Periscope Summit 2016 and San Francisco Meeting of Styles, as a speaker and a guest artist. He was selected along with other award winning artists to share their personal stories of how they used livestreaming to create social good. During his trip was also able to paint day murals in Oakland Chinatown in partnership with Luke Dragon, founder of dragon school, a non profit that keeps youth out of gang related activity and promote community arts. 

Present day, Juan has private and public collectors or his artwork all over the world, from the UK, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, and all over the US. He has built a community driven by love. Whether it be a broadcast sharing life lessons, helping a fan through direct message, or donating time and skill to a foundation, Juan is there to make a positive impact. 

Jess Godfrey 

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